Activity for 9/18

Essay 1 Zero Draft:

Your essay should answer the question, “How does ‘Darwinism not Neodarwinism’ operate rhetorically?”




To get you started on the writing, let’s start by writing more specific questions that focus on specific passages and elements of the rhetorical situation.


(10 minutes) In groups, choose an element of a rhetorical situation and, focusing on a specific passage of the text, develop three analytical questions about that element.



(20 minutes) Next, we will establish a list of sample questions that may help writers determine how “Darwinism not Neodarwinism” operates rhetorically.


(20 minutes) Next, let’s have some writing time. Look at the list and feel which question is drawing you toward it at this moment. Write it at the top of a blank piece of paper.

  • Choose a specific passage from the text–it may be the same passage cited, or you may choose another.
  • Write a 1-4 line summary explaining the main point of that passage.
  • Provide an analysis that answers the question at the top of your page.

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