Exercise 2.2

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In class: students will join groups and be given a section. Sections include “Truthiness,” “‘Natural’ Means ‘Habitual’,” or “Object-Oriented Ontology.” Students are expected to read the entire selection by Morton but summarize and explain only the section assigned to them.

In post: Read your group’s assigned section from Timothy Morton’s Being Ecological and write a summary that specifically focuses on defining the writer’s project. Use the guide from Rewriting (p. 11-12) to define the project effectively. The “materials” element of your summary should focus on the specific texts, authors, and ideas employed in the selection.

It may help to have this in mind:

the 5 elements of summary

– citation/ the authors name
– keywords (key abstractions/ topic)
-the argument/ thesis
– the gist of the discussion
– mixed levels of language
(use objective representation

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