Symbiogenesis and Venom

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Symbiogenesis is an evolutionary term related to species-to-species cooperation to enhance their survival. In one of the scenes, where Eddy is running away from Carlton Drake’s men on the motorcycle, where he got hit by the car and was lying on the ground with broken limbs. This scene depicts the symbiogenesis relationship between Eddy and Venom because Venom was able to heal Eddy’s broken leg and wounds, which is inhuman. Venom is symbiotic with an amorphous, liquid-like shape that generally persists by bonding with a worthy human host, but if the host and the alien symbiote working together to accomplish their individual goals, their chances of survival will increase dramatically. To be specific, both Venom and Eddy were able to connect because both considered losers in both worlds which made Eddy the perfect candidate of the human host. Also, this connects to the idea of Neo-Darwinism, the view of Margulis and Sagan is if both species have identical desires and needs, an alliance between the two will benefit both sides and increase their chances of survival. In the film, despite Venom’s vulnerability in certain sound waves and fire, his bond with Eddy is what kept him alive at the end despite contact with fire.

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