Group 3


  1. Sarah: Based on the author’s writing, the biggest takeaway was that in the movie, Venom, ideas from Margulis and Sagan’s book “Acquiring Genomes” are subtly incorporated into the subtext of the film, and not explicitly stated, making it easy for viewers to learn about the concepts.
  2. Anisha: However,the authors make it clear that symbiosis is not a universal mechanism for the creation of new species. This is why scientist Drake Carlton, in the movie Venom, decides that his new symbiotic experiment must not take place on earth, but on another planet.
  3. Kayla: Symbiogenesis is a form of evolution where two organisms create a third kind of organism as described using venoms relationship with eddie in order to survive.
  4. nicole: three different symbiotic relationships throughout different points of the movie
  5. Jeffrey: Margulis and Sagan’s idea of symbogensis is similar to what was shown in Venom, where both Eddy and Venom worked together to achieve a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship.

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